Town Clerk

The office of Town Clerk is a vital part of the local government and they exist throughout the world.  The Clerk’s office is what some call, “The Hub of the Town”.  We are the official keeper of municipal records and provide the professional link between the citizens and the local governing bodies.  We are entrusted with maintaining, processing, and recording all proceedings and other records of the Town to include minutes, contracts, deeds, grants, ordinances, and resolutions. We are mindful of neutrality and impartiality, rending equal service to all, while maintaining the highest standard of ethics and integrity.  I am honored to have this position and will do, to the best of my ability, to maintain the quality of life for our residents and Town.  If there is anything I can do for you, please come by Town Hall or call me at 251-965-9888.

Jenny Opal White 

12191 Magnolia Springs Highway

P.O. Box 890

Magnolia Springs, AL 36555

Office: 251-965-9888

Fax:  251-965-9889